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January 2015 Finding Dingbat Tenants

December 2014 Roach-Proofing a Kitchen/Pantry
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March 2012 The Due-On-Sale Time Bomb
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October 2011 Clue-in The Assessor...But Not The Public

June 2010 Change in the Control or Ownership of an Entity

May 2009 Trip Wires
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February 2009 Oh, Dread...Fred's Dead, by Rick Harmon, guest author

December 2008 Turning Gloom into a Boom
April 2008 Have They Cancelled Death, Divorce, Disease…??
March 2008 Foreclosures, an Overall View
February 2008 Holdover Tenants
January 2008 Distribution Computation

November 2007 Payment Options at the Trustee's Sale
October 2007 Holding Title to Foreclosure Purchases
September 2007 Handling Abandoned Personal Property
August 2007 Foreclosure Avoidance - Deed-In-Lieu of Foreclosure

July 2006 Post-Sale Trustee Issues
June 2006 Foreclosure Research
April/May 2006 Bankruptcy Law Changes after October 2005, by Craig Triance, guest author
March 2006 Buyer's Market Strategy
January/February 2006 Recorders' Document Reference and Indexing Manual

November/December 2005 Preliminary Change of Ownership Report
October 2005 Non-Disclosure of Transfer Tax
September 2005 Corporations vs. Limited Liability Companies and Where do I Incorporate?
August 2005 Meaning of Unconscionable?
July 2005 The Lease Option Bugaboo
June 2005 Pretty Good Property Protection
May 2005 Naming Your Company
April 2005 Foreclosure and IRS' Redemption Rights
March 2005 Homestead Exemption
February 2005 Avoiding an IRS Redemption
January 2005 Foreclosure Tools and Aids

December 2004 Participating At The California Trustee's Sale
November 2004 Facts About California's Trustee's Sales
October 2004 Foreclosure and the Due-on-Sale Clause
September 2004 Foreclosure Work Flow
August 2004 Foreclosure Profit Opportunities
July 2004 Requisites For Acquiring Foreclosures
June 2004 California Foreclosure Fundamentals
April/May 2004 Primacy of the Grantor/Grantee Index
March 2004 Mello Roos Bonds
February 2004 Foreclosures in the Hinterlands
January 2004 California Tax Lien Sales

December 2003 CA Foreclosure Deficiency Rules
November 2003 50/50 Joint Ventures
October 2003 Reselling Stratagem
September 2003 REO Offers
August 2003 Rehabbing For Resale
July 2003 Request for Notice
June 2003 Raising Cash
May 2003 Seller's Objections Answered
April 2003 Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS)
March 2003 Foreclosure Risk Factors
February 2003 Foreclosure Foibles - Amateur Mistakes & Biases
January 2003 California's 3.3% Withholding Tax On Real Estate Transactions

December 2002 Figuring Out The Reinstatement Amount
November 2002 Payment at Trustee's Sales
October 2002 Assessed Values Are Meaningless
September 2002 Completing an Equity Buyout in CA
August 2002 The Title Holding Trust
June/July 2002 Eviction After Foreclosure
May 2002 Looking for the Next Boom Town
April 2002 Title Searching Methods Compared
Jan/Feb/Mar 2002 Playing Your Own Game

December 2001 Foreclosure Mentoring
November 2001 Nothing to Lose
October 2001 Optimal Buy/Sell Strategy
September 2001 The Terrible "R's" of Foreclosure
August 2001 Repossession/Management
June/July 2001 Seeking More Knowledge
May 2001 Trends and Cycles

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