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This board's uniqueness is that it is a foreclosure discussion board, not a foreclosure bulletin board. To maintain our uniqueness, we will remove promotional ads, want ads, or anything else not germane to the subject of foreclosure.

NOTE POSTING ETIQUETTE: Name-calling, personal attacks, spamming, excessive self-promotion, general assiness, and destructive (versus constructive) criticism will get your post removed. Your IP address is recorded, though not displayed. Thanks. 

Subject Author Views Posted

Is it tax avoidance, tax evasion, or something else?

EddieF 313 11/29/2023 08:02PM

need 3 bedroom house to rent

scinv 418 10/31/2023 04:25PM

Need help: Foreclosure on old home don’t own

Mb2023 592 09/26/2023 05:23PM

Re: Need help: Foreclosure on old home don’t own

freedom@applenests 225 12/15/2023 04:51PM

Foreclosure Recovery

Quichelynn 561 09/25/2023 11:51PM

Novice time is of the essence foreclosure

InquisitiveMind 670 07/10/2023 06:47AM

Re: Novice time is of the essence foreclosure

freedom@applenests 388 09/04/2023 03:24AM

Notice to primary lienholders

Silverblue59 2,491 11/19/2021 08:56AM

Re: Notice to primary lienholders

Dond 1,586 11/20/2021 10:16AM

Re: Notice to primary lienholders

Silverblue59 1,497 11/20/2021 05:21PM

HELP Structuring A Owner Financing Deal.

usapatriot1 2,428 09/17/2021 02:18PM

What's the difference??

Newbie Lauren 3,631 04/22/2020 09:18PM

Re: What's the difference??

thenoteguys 2,018 09/07/2020 01:19PM

Re: What's the difference??

TaxCreditTheMean1 1,949 11/17/2020 12:30AM

Re: What's the difference??

Workout Guy 1,948 12/01/2020 11:55AM

In Calif, must the 1st accept cure & payments from the 2nd?

alfbell 3,339 03/18/2020 04:53PM

Re: In Calif, must the 1st accept cure & payments from the 2nd?

DenisInSanDiego 207 12/13/2023 02:52AM

Mobile Home Purchase

Silverblue59 3,209 02/28/2020 10:26AM

Is death certificate to be recorded ?

li2012now 3,266 12/23/2019 10:57AM

Equity Skimming

jyobaccio 3,478 10/22/2019 11:08AM


lesliepuli 3,834 10/01/2019 11:08PM


samgee 1,996 11/26/2020 02:24PM


jtown 761 10/21/2022 11:33AM


20manking20 1,557 09/03/2021 05:37AM

Information from Homeowner in Default?

Cali4niareaming213 3,927 09/04/2019 10:23PM

newbie on wholesaling pre foreclosures

Jacklambert0511 3,614 08/19/2019 09:55AM

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