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Novice time is of the essence foreclosure

July 10, 2023 06:47AM
Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my post today. I am using my speech to text on my cell phone so please forgive any grammatical or spelling errors. I am a single mother of my 11 year old son we have a home in Oklahoma a home which I took over May of 2022. It was my mother's home she passed away from cancer.. Trying to juggle two residences, and falling into a depression after my mother passed I fell behind on my mortgage payments on Mom's house. The last mortgage payment that was made was in August. I have stayed in constant contact with the mortgage company. I decided after giving it much thought to go ahead and sell mom's house and property. I got the payoff balance on the mortgage to pay the loan off and it's $68,000. I am selling for sale by owner as is at a lesser price there are some repairs that are needed and I just haven't had the funds to take care of those things. I have a buyer on the house she is willing to pay my asking price which is $140,000. I'll be able to pay off the mortgage loan and pay any attorney fees or closing costs anything like that I'm a novice at real estate this is my first time owning a home and selling a home. So I'm very nervous trying to locate a real estate attorney. There is a real estate investor in Texas who has been walking me through the process. I have been depending on selling the home so that I might be able to relocate my son and I and get us another home with the money from selling my house last Friday I received a summons in the mail on foreclosure stating that I have 20 days to respond. I immediately contacted the mortgage companies attorney to let them know I do have a buyer and that the buyer already has been pre-approved on the loan for the house. I called the mortgage company they told me I needed to get proof of funds and get the contract signed as soon as possible and then have it emailed over to them. I have of course the title I'm just afraid there's going to be some problem in that department. I just want this to get done fast and I know it's a process I'm just not sure really which title company to go with I need to call and check and see if there's anything on the title that would cause problems time is of the essence we don't have much time to do anything. Just to include this the taxes have been paid every single year as well as the mortgage up until I took over in May of 2022 I stopped paying on the homeowners insurance when I decided to sell the home which was stupid I'm sure. I am not wanting to keep the house I am wondering do I still have time to sell the house? The papers that I was served states that I have 20 days to respond it was addressed to myself , my sister Sabrina and to also my mother I really hope I can still sell the house that is really my son and I only hope at getting a new place.I'm doing much better today I am in therapy and I'm on antidepressants my mother and I were very close we were best friends I miss her dearly and I really struggled with her passing. I did go ahead and move into Mom's house I'm hoping to be out by the end of July the buyer absolutely loves the house she says there's no question whether or not that's the house for her. so please tell me what do I do next ? what is priority right now? do you think I can still sell the house? Please be honest with me I am welcoming any and all suggestions and advice opinions with open arms again thank you for your time today and I wish you many blessings today and always. Respectfully SJJ
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Novice time is of the essence foreclosure

InquisitiveMind 606 July 10, 2023 06:47AM

Re: Novice time is of the essence foreclosure

freedom@applenests 339 September 04, 2023 03:24AM

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