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Our One-On-One Foreclosure Training

Why our foreclosure training is so effective

Foreclosures can be very profitable . . . for a few sharp experts. But for most people it amounts to a frustrating waste of time, and for many, a needless loss of money to boot.

Why? It's the lack of any real HANDS-ON TRAINING. Basically people don't know how to efficiently ferret out and thoroughly research those few good deals in every batch of foreclosures going to sale each week. The few pros who truly know won't show anyone else for fear of increasing their competition.

I accidentally discovered the power and necessity of "one-on-one" training in this field back in 1986. At that time, as a favor to a friend, I gave a talk on my struggles-to-success in foreclosure to a real estate investor group in Anaheim. In the audience was a young fellow who was searching for a profitable real estate niche. He was in a rut and really wanted out of the janitorial service field. So when Greg heard of my foreclosure success he wanted in.

Well, I had news for him - the last thing I had on my mind at that time was training anybody. Why should my wife and I risk the potential competition? It took us several years of hard work and lots of trial and error (with some luck thrown in) to learn the tricks of the trade in this lucrative business. So we knew that the lack of any meaningful training was, and still is, an almost insurmountable barrier to potential competitors.

But, you might ask, what about all the TV gurus and their $400 home-study courses? Well as Greg learned, those materials are written in generalized guidelines so they can be sold nation-wide. Thus they are much too generic to provide and develop the above-average technical expertise and title researching skills that a foreclosure professional has to know to really succeed in their specific jurisdiction. Our training is individually tailored to each trainee's state.

Eventually Greg overcame every objection we had about training him. He promised to stay out of our area, he thought our one-on-one training fee was fair and he didn't object to the amount of hands-on practice we insisted on incorporating along with all the training materials. As you've probably guessed by now, Greg became very successful in the foreclosure arena and is still an active, full-time foreclosure pro after thirteen years in the business.

Right from the very beginning our comprehensive, three day foreclosure workshop was not meant for the average, passive investor. It has been designed to prepare you as a highly skilled professional who will learn enough about all the intricacies of the trust deed foreclosure procedure to immediately succeed on your own --whether you choose to work the business before the foreclosure sale, at the sale, or after the sale.

We presume that you know nothing about foreclosures in the beginning and expect that you will likely know as much as all of your amatuer competitors combined when you finish. You'll be provided complete solutions, techniques and document masters for it all. And if you don't have your own 90 day cash reserve set aside, don't worry, you can still start right away. We'll provide you all the forms, ads and guidelines and show you how to generate up-front monthly fees of $500 to $1,000 each from search clients,"turnaround" contracts and "roll-over" transactions that you can begin using the same week you return from our training.

Yes, our instruction is quite intensive and all-encompassing and, unlike any other foreclosure seminar, we only train "one-on-one". We go from 8:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. for three full consecutive days in our offices here in San Diego, with free follow-ups any time thereafter. You need the three days and all the individual attention we give to really master the concepts and practice the fundamentals over and over until they become second nature to you. You'll become quite conversant with the three cardinal rules of buying foreclosures and you'll never ever violate them, believe me.

We share everything (forms, strategies, past mistakes, etc.) with you, with no reservations whatsoever and stand ready to answer any and all questions you might ever have on the subject thereafter. And every year we host an all-day, alumni networking reunion where 60 to 80 of us talk shop and where we freely distribute all the new and revised forms for your constantly updated Resource Manual.

What has taken us years of working experience to discover and perfect we have distilled into a proven, practical "track" that you'll really understand during the three day workshop because the class is about 1/3 lecture and 2/3's practice, practice, practice.

If, at the end of the third day, you feel that the instruction method or course content or study materials were not all that you wanted or anticipated you'll receive an immediate, quibble-free return of your uncashed tuition check. So far everyone's been very satisfied.

The complete, individualized training program is $4,950 (single). A second person (spouse or business partner) can attend for $3,650 (that's a $1,300 discount!). Included are over 900 pages of text, worksheets, document examples, master forms (i.e. bidding/tracking formats, joint venture agreement, etc.), handouts and materials with ongoing technical support thereafter--either by phone, by fax, email or in person.

Compare the detailed comprehensiveness and clarity of our "one-on-one" approach with any other foreclosure seminar you know about. You just might come to the conclusion that the $400+ group lecture courses only amount to a passive survey of the subject matter, whereas our individualized training is an intensive, interactive, hands-on process that forces you to learn and practice your new skills immediately.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then imagine what a true "Hands On" experience is worth. There is no better way to learn. You retain only 12% of what you hear and just 26% of what you see--but you retain more than 85% of what you practice and do.

Our training will finally put you in complete control. You'll know exactly what liens there are on any property and precisely how much to pay for it to make a profit. You'll have the self-confidence and skills to know exactly what to do and how to avoid all the nightmares that commonly plague the amateurs.

We train on any three consecutive days (8:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M.) as long as the third day is a weekday. That's because we'll be taking you on a working visit to our county recorder's office.

We need about ten days of advance notice to schedule your training and you will want about that much time to digest the preliminary study materials we'll send you before you arrive.

Spend three days with us and you'll skip the usual two year trial-and-error phase and begin profitably, right from the start. You won't risk losing thousands of dollars on "beginner" mistakes. We usually have a trainee or two booked ahead. So give us a call (619/283-5444) to reserve the three day schedule best suited for you.

Information provided by this website is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult your investment advisor and/or attorney before entering into any transaction. Read our privacy policy.

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