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"Use of Entities When Buying Foreclosures" - Computer Audio CD
2009 Ward Hanigan, 4+ hours
Item: 20090204
$21.00 through PayPal

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This is a 4 hour plus recording of Ward Hanigan's presentation to the Commonwealth Club in Anaheim, CA on Wednesday, February 4, 2009. The topic is "Use of Entities When Buying Foreclosures". The audio was recorded using an Olympus WS-311M recorder and converted to mp3 format for use with an mp3 player, such as an iPOD. You can also play it on your computer using Windows Media Player or Quicktime. The recording is a bit tinny.

Ward talks for over four hours. The are no breaks in the recording; Ward turned it on at the start of the seminar and left in on until the end, meaning you'll hear questions during the break and questions after he goes outside during the "lamplight lecture". You will not be able to hear all the questions asked of him when he went outside, though you'll be able to hear the answers.

This data CD will not work in a CD player! That's due to the length of the recording and perhaps handouts, depending on the CD. The data CD only works on a computer or needs to be imported into a media player, such as an iPOD.

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