Article of the Month for December 2014

Roach-Proofing a Kitchen/Pantry

by Ward Hanigan

Roach-proofing a kitchen or pantry is extremely effective, cheap, odor free, and a snap to do very quickly. It always works, and lasts a long, long time.

All you need is a tube of Combat’s roach gel, a small stepladder, and your forefinger as an applicator.

Nothing has to be removed or covered since all you’re going to do is sporadically smear a few 1/2 inch long segments of the gel to the hidden backsides and bottom sides of the cabinet drawers, and the backsides of the rails and stiles that frame the openings for your kitchen cabinet doors.

The reason you apply the gel to the backsides of the drawers and doorframes is so the unseen gel won’t be cleaned away by some overly conscientious homemaker…like Joan Crawford or Martha Stewart.

You only have to roach-proof your kitchen cabinets and pantry since that’s where all of your opened food packages are typically stored. And of course, avoid using it in those areas that are easily accessible to kids or pets.

And really, don’t fret if you’re limited to treating just the upper cabinets and the backsides of drawers…the gel will still work it’s magic just fine.

By the way, don’t keep your tubes of roach gel in your car trunk because high heat will make it too runny.

Over the years I preventively renew my roach-proofing whenever one of my dingbat rentals goes vacant…on average about once every 16.2 years!

Since it’s so quick and easy to do, we roach-proof all the short-term properties that we flip too.

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